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Calvary Lutheran School  

May 28, 2021 --- "Live Stream"  Friday @ 11:00am cdt 


2020-2021 End of School Year
Service and Graduations

Grades Pre-K thru 8th 
Leader: Principal Jim Henrickson 



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Bulletins - Archived
PDF files - of Bulletins 

   Calvary's Veterans Day - Observance 2020
Speaker - Capt. Paul Merklinger

 Calvary Lutheran Sanctuary    9:30 am       Wednesday, November 11th 2020   
  Children's Christmas - Calvary Lutheran School             Friday, December 20th 2019   
below  - Archive of the "Live Stream" from Dec 20th, with Pre-Service Recitals       
 Calvary Children's Christmas Service                                   Service Broachure (Downloadable .pdf file)  
   below - Archive of the "Live Stream"  Pre-Service Recitals       

  Children's Christmas Service - Calvary                              Friday, December 21st 2018           
   Calvary Children's Christmas Service                                   Service Broachure (Downloadable .pdf file)  
"Live Stream-ed" Dec 21st, 2018 - 6:30pm cst      

18th Biennial Convention - South Central District  
     of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
        Monday & Tuesday; June 4-5, 2018 
  "Live Streamed" at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas 
This Two Day Convention will be {Streamed and Recorded} in 6 Video Sessions   

The South Central District - Conference Information website is:


Schedule of Convention (click for PDF) 

"Live Video Stream" is typically available 10-15min before each Session
Note: After each video session stops - refresh the web page (i.e. URL line)


Monday, June 4 – Convention DayOne 

  • 9:00 a.m.     Registration -- Is Not “LIVE Streamed”

Video Session 1: 

10:00     Opening Service; Theme: Women of Faith--Sarah Preacher: Rev Mark Bitter
              Worship Bulletin - (.pdf file download)  
11:15     Roll call, adoption of agenda, announcements
11:30     District President’s Report
12:00     Report of Ministerial Education - Pres. Mark Zarling
12:15     Break for Lunch

Video Session 2: 

12:55      Report of the WELS Presidium- 2nd VP Rev Joel Voss
1:10        Report of the Syndical Council - Brad Johnston
1:25        Floor Committee #2 - Elections
1:30        WELS Home Missions - Rev Paul Janke
1:45        Essay / Presentation: Prof. Keith Wessel
2:45        Elections
2:50        World Missions - Rev Paul Janke
3:05        Elections
3:10        Floor Committee (?)
3:20        Break 

  •  3:21 p.m.      Floor Committee Meetings -- Are Not “LIVE Streamed”

Video Session 3: 

4:00        WELS Christian Aid and Relief - 6 Minute Video
4:10        Essay / Presentation: Prof. Keith Wessel
5:10        Elections / Report of Floor Committees #
5:30        Devotion: Theme - Women of Faith -- Rahab Leader: Rev Dave Schneider
5:45        Circuit Pastor Elections
6:00        Supper: Oak Highlands Brewery - 10484 Brockwood Road

  • 7:00 p.m.        Floor Committee Meetings (if needed) -- Are Not “LIVE Streamed” 

"Live Video Stream" is typically available 10-15min before each Session
Note: After each video session stops - refresh the web page (i.e. URL line)


Tuesday, June 5 – Convention DayTwo 

Video Session 4: 

8:30        Devotion: Theme - Women of Faith - Esther, Leader: Rev Nate Buege
                                          (Installation of Officers)
8:50        Regarding the Minutes
9:00        Elections / MSG - Rev Jonathan Stern
9:15        Seminary Presentation -
9:30        District Mission Board - Rev Caleb Schoeneck
10:00      Congregational Services (Video)
10:10      Floor Committee Resolutions /Reports
10:30      Break 

Video Session 5: 

10:40     Elections / Floor Committee Meetings-Reports /
10:45     Wisconsin Lutheran College Presentation - Richard Mannisto
10:50     WELS Congregational Services - Rev James Behringer
11:20     Essay / Presentation: Prof. Keith Wessel
12:15     Lunch 

Video Session 6: 

1:00        Q & A for Essay
2:00        WELS Hymnal Project - Rev. Mike Schultz (or rep.)
2:10        Special Ministries-Rev Steve Wagenknecht,
2:20        Break
2:30        Commission on Lutheran Schools - Jim Henrickson
2:45        Adult Discipleship - Rev Jeremy Belter
3:00        Floor Committee Reports
3:30        Issues
3:50        Minutes On-line and Adjournment
4:00        Closing Service: Theme - Women of Faith - Hannah Leader: Rev Paul Bowe

(next event) 
April 14, 2018   

Calvary Lutheran - Dallas, Texas 
Spring Rally - Red River Circuit

"Live Video Stream" is typically available 10-15min before each Session
Note: After each video session stops - refresh the web page (i.e. URL line)


Spring Rally Agenda 

9:00 - 9:30 Registration 

Video Session 1: 

9:30 - 10:30 Opening service, with communion
              Worship Bulletin - (.pdf file download)  
10:30 -10:45 Break

Video Session 2: 

10:45 - 11:40 Bible Study “Starting a Spiritual Conversation” Pastor David Scharf
11:40 -12:15 Business Meeting            
12:15- 12:30 Break

12:30- 1:15 Lunch

Video Session 3: 

1:30 - 2:45 "Media Ministry" - Pastor David Scharf
2:45 - 3:00 Installation of Officers
Closing Devotion - Pastor David Scharf    

 Presenter - Rev. David G. Scharf 
Martin Luther College (MLC) - Professor of Theology 

 David Scharf was born in West Allis, WI to Rev. Ralph and Annette Scharf. 
He is the 7th of 14 children and attended Good Shepherd’s Lutheran Church and School where his father served as pastor. 
A graduate of Luther Prep (1996), Martin Luther College (2000), and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (2005),
Dave and his wife (Beth nee Koelpin) have six children ages 3-14 (Anastasia, Zoe, Isaiah, Dahlia, Evangeline, and Nika). 
Upon graduation from the Seminary, Dave was assigned to serve as a parish pastor
at lmmanuel Lutheran Church and School in Greenville, Wl, and served there from 2005-2016. 
Dave has had the privilege of serving as the Northern Wisconsin District Evangelism coordinator
and as the chairman of the Commission on Congregational Counseling. 
Dave accepted the call to be a professor of theology and is thrilled to have the opportunity to help impact the next generation of called workers. 


  December 15, 2017 

Children's Christmas Service
"A Sola Christmas"

Service: Focusing on the "Solas" of the Reformation ~
by Matthew Manthe 

     Worship Bulletin - (.pdf file download)  

This "SPECIAL EVENTS" Broadcast starts at (6:00pm)
Friday December 15th, with Recitals starting at (~6:15pm)
-- followed by the Children's Christmas Service “A Sola Christmas” (7:00pm)



June 2017 Transformation - New ‘Community’ Room from Calvary's OLD Sanctuary  
updated - June 11, 2017  

  From the Old (1966) to the Update (2017) 
      Volunteer - Remodeling Team



 "School Plays & Special Activities"  
- Live Stream Area - (below)  
Archive files take 2-4 hours before replay is available for veiwing. 

Calvary Lutheran School - Closing Service 

May 27, 2020 --- "Live Stream"  Wednesday @ 6:00pm cst

Blessings to:
 8th Grade
2020 Graduates

Jordon Dawkins
Noah Koelpin
Kelly Pimenov
Jessica Quam
Rachael Singh

Service Focus: Galatians 5 - Walk the Fruits of the Spirit
by Pastor John Koelpin 




Calvary Lutheran Church & School 
"Live Streamed" starting a few minutes before 6:00pm

Music Talent Night -- Sunday, May 21, 2017 



  October 29, 2017 

DFW Joint Reformation Service
Our Great Heritage

Sermon: Romans 1: 16-17 ~
For I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel...

  Worship Bulletin - (.pdf file download)  



2017 Ascension Service - Calvary Lutheran Church (LIVE)

"Live Streamed" March 12, 2017  at Calvary Luther Church & School 
However due to copy write concerns -
Archive File of this program is no longer available for viewing!

    Director: Prof. Terry S. Treuden  

Concert 2017 Band Tours --- Tours are a time for students to travel and enjoy the camaraderie of their group, and give them a chance to experience what it is like to perform their music in various spaces for different audiences.  Most of all, WLC tours give students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the college and for their Savior as they share his love through music.

    2017 WLC Band Tour Program - (.pdf file download)  


recorded - Feb 24, 2017   
Presentation: MLC & Its Ministry

Director of Public Relations: Prof. William (Bill) Pekrul
Office of Mission Advancement: Caleb Koelpin

Martin Luther College is part of the worker-training program of the
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.
The college prepares teachers and staff ministers
who are ready to accept positions in our congregations
and it prepares men to enter Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
to complete their training to serve as pastors.
Come and meet some of our future workers
and enjoy their proclamation of the Gospel in song. 

 archived recording - available below  
  Broadcast recorded at Calvary - Dallas ~~ MLC  Presentation (first) / Concert (second) 

“My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”
Martin Luther College Choir, under the direction of Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer

The program includes:  "My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less" by Jeremy Bakken,
"Praise Ye the Name of the Lord" by Rachmaninoff,
"How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" by Brahms,
"Magnificat" and "Nunc Dimittis" by Philip Stopford,
and many others


Calvary Lutheran School  

April 16, 2021 --- "Live Stream"  Friday @ 1:15pm cst 


Spelling Bee 
Grades 4 thru 8 
Leader: Principal Jim Henrickson 



  Children's - Calvary Production Present...
Knights on Broadway
Calvary Lutheran School      2:00 pm       Sunday, February 16th 2020
 Calvary Production Prsents...                                                                Production Broachure - None Available         
   below - Archive of the "Live Stream"  2hours after Broadcast       

Calvary Lutheran Church & School 
7:00pm "Live Streamed" and Archived 
Friday Evening, May 10th, 2019

Upper Grades -- Class Plays

 Grades 5th & 6th 

Gr 5-6 Play Program - 2019) 


 Grades 7th & 8th 
(Gr 7-8 Play Program - 2019) 


Calvary Lutheran Church & School 
"Live Streamed" and Archived 
Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Calvary Children's
PreK-Grade 4
Music Day --

School Plays -- 2018 Missing

Drama Night - Calvary's School
recorded - Friday May 12, 2017

<< click on each icon for it's Musical Brochure >> 

   Grade 5-6 Class Musical    
 Adventures of Lewis & Clark

Grade 7-8 Class Musical  
Beauty & the Beast     




  Calvary Lutheran School  -- December 16, 2016 --
Children's Christmas Service 

           "Live Stream" - recorded at Calvary - Dallas 
         Includes: Pre-Service - School Children Music Recitals 

                         Children's 2016 Christmas Service  
             Service Started with Processional by Calvary's Students

     Service Bulletin:  2016 Bulletin (PDF file now available)    

Calvary Lutheran School               
Children's 5th thru 8th Grade Plays
School Play Programs: 
The Fastest Thimble in the West   Grade 5th & 6th Program (pdf)  
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court   Grade 7th & 8th Program (pdf) 

Calvary Lutheran School
Children's Pre-K thru 4th Grade Plays
      Words of Love  &  A KIDS LIFE
     School Play Program:  Words of Love Program  


  Calvary Lutheran School
Children's Christmas Service 
             Recorded - December 18, 2015
Begins with - School Children Music Recitals
 Service Starts with Processional by Calvary's Students

     Service Bulletin: Children's Christmas 2015 Service   


"OPEN HOUSE" at Calvary  
-- "America Musical Revue" -- Calvary's Lower Grades  
      Recorded -- Sunday afternoon: February 15, 2015
-- Singing held at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas --


17th Biennial Convention - South Central District  
of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Recorded - Monday & Tuesday; June 13-14, 2016 
"Live Streamed" at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas 

(The Two Day Convention was Recorded in 7 Video Sessions)  
Note: Calvary had lightning strike during Session 2.
Only parts of that session are available as noted below! 

Schedule of Convention (click for PDF) 

"Initial Report" to the Congregation 
 -- Congregational Meeting -- called by Board of Trustees  
   Recorded -- Sunday evening: January 25, 2015
-- Congregation Meeting held at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas --


  Calvary Lutheran School
Children's Christmas Service 

       Recorded - December 19, 2014  
Service Bulletin: Children's Service -  (.pdf file -- download)  

"Are We Able?" Calvary Lutheran Church -- Congregational Meeting --  called by Pastor John Koelpin 
         Captured -- Sunday afternoon; November 16, 2014 --

  Congregation Meeting held at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas 

16th Biennial Convention - South Central District  
of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
         Captured -- Monday & Tuesday; June 9-10, 2014 -- Convention Archive
               Video Archives of Convention (captured in 5 video segments)  
       at Calvary Lutheran Church & School, Dallas, Texas 

Calvary School Children Plays & School Programs - Recorded at: 


             Grades 5-8 Musical Plays -- Performance on May 14th 2014  


web stats


Children's Plays Lower Grades --  
Calvary's - School "OPEN" House -- Performance on February 16, 2014  


  Children's Christmas Service -- December 20, 2013  -  Service Bulletin

  Children's Service Bulletin -  (.pdf file -- download)  


Calvary's School "OPEN" House   recorded 2/17/2013  
              >> "HATS!"  Grades 1st thru 4th         >> "Three Piggy Opera"  Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten  

Calvary Lutheran Church & School               

Music Talent Night -- Sunday, May 22, 2016 




Calvary Special Programs - Recorded at:


LYA16 - Youth Convention - Closing Service  
Recorded at Calvary Lutheran Church & School - Dallas, Texas  
Special Sunday Service - recorded July 31, 2016 

Sermon Text: Luke 15: 17-24 -- "Lost, But Not Forsaken"
Where sin is great, there the Father's mercy is far greater still. 
  TILM Seminar in Dallas

Seminar was recorded April 14, 2013 in 2 segments  -- "Seminar Archive Files" 


Weddings Recorded at Calvary:


Wedding Service -- Saturday, November 7th 2020         

          Pre-Service Music: 2:30 pm cst                  
           Wedding Service: 3:00 pm cst 
         Kurtis Galyen and Sarah Petty                                          Wedding Broachure (Downloadable .pdf file)      
Our Savior Lutheran Church - Arlington, TX
Pastor Kevin Mau -

Wedding Music by: 
Gary Hengst - Guitar, Elissa Hengst - Viola, Amy Hengst - Piano
Mario Major - Organ



Wedding Service -- Sunday, March 8th 2020         
Time: 4:30 pm cst                  
       Elena Bianco and Matthew Mahn                                          Wedding Broachure (Downloadable .pdf file)       

 Worship Service - Uniting in Marriage                              Saturday, September 29th 2018           
  Deborah Jean Oulicky and James Alan Carter                                   Wedding Broachure (Downloadable .pdf file)  



Thomas Elijah Kassebaum and Kimberley Ann Price 
      - Wedding Ceremony recorded at Calvary Lutheran - Dallas - Sanctuary
     Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 -- Archive of Video Service - available above   


Nicole Danielle Jan  and   John Michael McCarthy  -- Wedding
       Captured -- Saturday afternoon, November 15th 2014 --
Aron Michael Allen and Carrie Suzanne Vieths - Wedding
Captured -- Saturday, May 31st 2014 --
Archive of Video available above.  


Archive Video Files 
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